Brianna Hernández

Brianna Lynn Hernández Baurichter is a Chicana artist, curator, educator, and consultant guided by socially-engaged practices. Her background includes experience working in community organizations, gallery, museum, and higher education settings, and as a consultant with public health researchers. In all of her roles, Brianna’s equity-driven values are combined with her creative practice, leading towards people-centered missions where creativity is a tool for facilitating positive change.

In developing as an artist and creative professional Brianna credits her late mother, Sylvia D. Hernández, as her most significant mentor and inspiration. The creativity, resilience, empathy, and compassion Sylvia demonstrated throughout her life as a single-mother, who made her way from migrant worker to school district administrator, provided invaluable life lessons to her children. These life lessons ground Brianna as a person and in her work in equitable arts practices. Brianna’s creativity and world-view is also influenced by her mixed heritage from Mexican and German parents, embodying the spirit of a hybrid, eager to form connections and build new realities.

As a curator, Brianna works with artists to make socially-charged topics publicly accessible in order to create opportunities for education and empathy. In building trusted relationships with artists, researching ideal display formats for alternative settings, collaborating with community organizations on supplementary resources, and securing funding to properly compensate artists for their time, labor, and materials, Brianna views her curatorial role as one of a facilitator in service to the artist.

Focusing on empathy building is also embedded into Brianna’s education philosophy whether in the classroom, workshops, or as a mentor, enabling deeper connections to the purpose and potential of the content. By reaching people where they are and adapting to learning styles and life circumstances, Brianna educates with the goal of providing takeaways relevant to each student, participant, or mentee.

An extension of Brianna’s socially-conscious arts practice includes collaborating with community health researchers to incorporate the arts into collection and dissemination of public health project data. As a consultant on these projects, Brianna provides insights and feedback on systems, drafts tools for crafting the work, co-facilitates trainings and workshops, and acts as a community liaison.

In the studio, Brianna creates installations through several mediums including large-scale charcoal drawings, video art, and performances, each incorporating a high level of physicality and movement to reveal knowledge held within the body. Brianna’s current body of work focuses on the experience of providing end-of-life care and subsequent grieving process which, in addition to formal artworks, offers workshops and takeaway resources for viewers to self-educate through the safety of the creative process.

Brianna currently serves as Board Treasurer at the Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, committee member for the Gente Chicana/SOYmos Chicanos Art Fund, and remains a member of MARN’s Curatorial Advisory Committee in addition to her role as Director of Cultural Transformation.