Riley Niemack is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Curious about the simple nature of our existence, her practice is inspired by personal reflections and examinations of everyday intricacies. Her most recent works use video performance, sculpture, writing, and printmaking to nostalgically highlight the aura of memory and the impressions of moments. A sculptor at heart, Niemack’s works are tactile experiences of carefully selected materials. Each piece takes a mundane, potentially generally accessible moment, and twists it into an elevated and abstracted experience. In all of her endeavors, Niemack seeks to connect with a wide audience, expanding outside the art community.

Niemack received a BFA in integrated studio arts from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) in 2016. Her recent exhibitions include Impressions & Reflection in the Saint Kate Arts Hotel’s Closet Gallery, Var Gallery’s 7th Annual Collective Exhibition, OSSUARY: A Project by Laurie Beth Clark in MIAD’s Layton Gallery, and Narrative Perspectives at Hoax Gallery. Alongside exhibitions, Niemack has participated in panel discussions, artist talks, and workshops. She is currently a Var Gallery & Studios Artist in Residence. 

As MARN’s Gallery Director, Niemack is responsible for all operations surrounding the new MARN ART + CULTURE HUB’s Art Gallery and Exhibition Hall. She is charged with developing a transformative space that pushes beyond the “traditional white wall gallery” through programming, curation, and best practices. In collaboration with the Curatorial Advisory Committee, Niemack envisions building a gallery and cultural space that takes the initiative on accessibility, inclusion, justice, diversity, equity, and innovation. She believes in connecting creatives of all mediums and backgrounds to allow for an interchange of ideas and innovative collaborations. 

In addition to her art practice and position with MARN, Niemack is the Program Manager of Plum Blossom Initiative’s Bridge Work professional development program and is the studio manager for internationally recognized artist Jason S. Yi.