The Pink Salt | MARNThe “Pink Salt | MARN: Zine Sense Workshop” has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 18 (2-3:30PM) at the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB’s Conference Center!

MARN is pleased to host “Pink Salt | MARN: Zine Sense Workshop” Saturday, September 18 (2-3:30PM) within the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB’s Conference Center. This workshop coincides with MARN’s Partnership Exhibition, “AP3 at MARN: Materiality and Transformation”, an exhibition of thirteen artists curated by Marilyn Propp, celebrating the many forms of printmaking and mark-making.

Led by Pink Salt co-founder Nick Naudi, the “Pink Salt | MARN: Zine Sense Workshop” will cover zine making basics, how zines can offer accessible means of expression, and result in participants creating their own zine. 

A single sheet of paper can be easily folded into a six-page booklet, called a “zine”. Zines are an intrinsically accessible form of communication and creativity. They require only an open, creative mind and something to say. The process of transforming your own words and/or visuals into a tangible object, like a booklet, acts as a way to celebrate, honor and uplift its contents. This workshop will offer participants a space to share something meaningful to them through recording, describing, and physicalizing it. 

Participants will be guided on how to cut and fold a zine as well as be prompted to fill their zines with writing, collage, and/or drawing. Participants will be prompted to recall a recent experience that gave them a sense of purpose. Page one will introduce this experience through a single, written sentence, while the next five pages will be dedicated to the five senses, each page covering a different sense. What does this purpose smell like? Taste like? Sound like? Following the creating session, participants will be asked to briefly trade zines (if comfortable sharing) and go through each other’s work. Finally, participants will be given the opportunity to either share their zine by reading it aloud or discussing with the group about their process and what it means to them. 


Free & open to the public*

*limited to 20 seats, first come first serve. RSVP highly recommended – reserve your seat below! 

Socially distancing and masks required.

All skill levels welcome – Materials will be supplied. 

Date/Time: Saturday, September 18, 2:00 – 3:30PM

Participants are welcome to join or stay late to early to enjoy the current exhibition as well as grab a beverage from the FOMA Coffee & Wine bar. 

Location: MARN ART + CULTURE HUB’s Conference Center (191 N Broadway, Milwaukee, WI)

Our entrance is through the lobby doors, up the stairs and to the left. 

About Nick Naudi: Nick (she/they) is a painter and writer based in Milwaukee. They studied Community Arts at UWM, focusing on community-based writing.

About Pink Salt Art Collective: 

Pink Salt Art Collective is a group of four Midwest creatives who believe in the power of artistic, community-based experiences. As a collective, we host art events, open mics and various workshops on things like radical poetry, zine folding and printmaking. We also self-publish a recurring zine of our own – Makewell.