Call for Community Voices

MARN would like to hear from you!

We are seeking community members to advise MARN on our equity, inclusion, and accessibility roadmap and how the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB can be an asset to your community. What role do you want an arts organization to play in your city? What are the opportunities? What are the potential threats and concerns? Each feedback session will be one hour and participants will be compensated with a $75 honorarium for their time and insights. 

Listening directly to the needs and concerns of the community is an essential foundation towards building a more equitable arts community. As MARN undergoes a cultural transformation to realize this equity vision, our Director of Cultural Transformation, Brianna Hern√°ndez Baurichter, is reserving time for one-on-one feedback sessions with community members. These one-on-one sessions will be a safe space to give honest feedback and prioritize your perspective. We are here to listen and learn.

MARN recognizes the benefits and the problems that arts nonprofits can bring to communities including gentrification and displacement. Good intentions, especially those made out of assumptions, do not always translate to positive impact. We also understand there is much distrust towards nonprofits in the community and that trust needs to be earned through consistent action. MARN wants to invest in our relationship with the community to earn and deserve this trust, first by inviting community members to advise us on equity in our space. MARN highly encourages feedback from community members who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Women, individuals with disabilities, working class, immigrants, and/or veterans.

The information shared during these sessions will inform how we build new systems to better serve as a resource to the Greater Milwaukee Area. You will decide how your feedback can be used in any other format and how you would like to be credited, or if you would like to remain anonymous. After this initial round of one-on-ones, dedicated office hours will be available for further feedback and follow-ups. Sign up here!