Join us for a panel discussion with “Forever In A Day” exhibiting artist Rakim Wil and local artist, musician, and Rakim’s brother SIM Friday, August 5 from 5:30-7:30PM at the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB.

During the panel discussion SIM and Rakim Wil will discuss how their creative practices intersect and how the “Forever In A Day” exhibition came to be. The conversation will be moderated by MARN’s Event Curator, Wanyah Leon

This event is free and open to the public

As mandated by the Milwaukee County Health Department, all individuals, regardless of vaccination status or past COVID-19 infection, should wear a mask at all times when indoors and in a public setting. 

SIM is the Owner and Operator of Jungle Gems Vintage Company and a Recording Artist / Producer.

Rakim Wil is a self taught – interdisciplinary designer, musician, and photographer who lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s North Side. Starting as a child, Ra immersed himself in the juxtaposition of classic art education in school and his family’s obsession with Black culture at home. Soul, hip hop and electronic influenced sounds of the 21st century was the soundtrack.

Growing up around both poverty and opulence, Ra was ultimately influenced by the builders in his community. They brought forth beauty so he was tasked with the question of what to do with his hands. Rakim then began taking photographs of the city and himself at age 15 and producing music at age 18 as a means to freeze time and understand our world as we pass by it so easily. As he grew fonder of photography as an art form and his studies of the diaspora deepened, Ra found a love for portraits of others within the community and pronouncing their stories.

Arrive early and tour our current exhibition, “Forever In A Day” by Artist running July 22 to August 24 at the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB here.  And also shop works by local artists in the MARKETPLACE.

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