MARN presents FOUR STRANGERS by Gaetano Marangelli on Saturday evening, March 11, 2023. Join us for a mixer starting at 5 pm, with the performance beginning at 6 pm. A conversation and social hour with the artists will follow the performance.  

FOUR STRANGERS is a one-act play, which will be performed by Gaetano Marangelli of Brigata Theater and directed by Marcella Kearns of Forward Theater Company. 

MARN is excited to host this performance, and to use our gallery space as a backdrop for live performances. While gallery environments can often feel stuffy or stilted, we’re excited for Gaetano to bring his brand of originality and dynamism to the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB. 

A wine sommelier by trade, Gaetano’s playwright experience demonstrates his ability to dissect the complexity of the human experience as if it were a fine wine. In 2022, his play Iron County, named after a real county in Northern Wisconsin, tackled the contending historical forces behind the question “who owns America?” through the worldviews of just five characters.

With FOUR STRANGERS, expect an honest portrayal of humans as they are, with samples of the complexity and contradictions that reside within all of us.

We think this experience will pair perfectly amidst the backdrop of our current exhibition, “HOOPS”, an honest portrayal of the complexity and cultural significance of hoop earrings throughout time.

Tickets are free. Donations to MARN are accepted.

FOUR STRANGERS is part of TRIPTYCH, a series of plays by Gaetano Marangelli about authenticity. FOUR STRANGERS is the story of an immigrant’s loss of identity. The play asks us, What does it mean to be yourself?

The MARN staging of FOUR STRANGERS follows the success of its performances in Madrid, where the daily newspaper El Mundo called it one of the “unmissable plays of the season.” For more about FOUR STRANGERS and TRIPTYCH, go to @BrigataTheater and @TrípticoObra on Instagram and Facebook.