“Gallery Night MKE – Milwaukee’s original gallery hop event – unites the city through art. Experience the vast creative culture in  MKE while you discover local galleries, art, and artists. This free, two-day quarterly event offers you the opportunity to buy original, dine in outstanding restaurants, and shop in unique boutiques.” As our guest, click here for more details.  

Join us at MARN ART + CULTURE HUB for the final weekend of our exhibition. The Further We Reach, The Closer We See will take its bow, this Saturday.  

Featuring the work of 30 visual art CREATIVE level MARN members located in Southeast Wisconsin; each artwork selected individually responds to the following exhibition prompt: to visualize a greater understanding of our lived reality, memory, human history, and environment by indexing the past, present and future.

From Paleolithic cave paintings, early studies of the cosmos, to incised rock petroglyphs, humans have documented our experiences in many forms and mediums throughout history. As we strive to better understand what we call “life”, we are often asked to reach beyond what is in the forefront of our “view” and instead be cognizant of what was, while considering what is to come. Through this acknowledgement, we can recognize our futures are contingent on our pasts and presents. And that these states are all, to a degree, interwoven.

Presenting Other People’s Project 2023 edition of its fashion art calendar. Featuring local apparel designers, artists, models and photographers from Milwaukee. The calendar is $25 and can be purchased Friday and Saturday at the MARKETPLACE with a special live modeling taking place on Saturday from 2-4PM. 

One hundred percent of proceeds will benefit the local LGBTQ+ youth shelter, Courage MKE, a collaborative movement to provide housing, resources, and services needed for displaced and homeless LGBTQ+ youth in Milwaukee. 

FRI. 5-9PM and SAT. 10AM-4PM. 414.484. 0033


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