As part of the new ART + CULTURE HUB, MARN is pleased to publicly announce its very own Gallery and Exhibition Hall – a highly anticipated development for the organization. The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a 135 inch projection screen, dedicated sound system, 10’ high modular walls, and high-tech lighting, lending itself to a transformative space fit to host a variety of innovative exhibitions, panel discussions, performances, events and more. 

Though COVID-19 interrupted the HUB’s public opening, MARN recognized the importance of integrating this new development into the organization’s heart by hiring its first Gallery Director, Riley Niemack the Fall of 2020. Her hire marked a step toward rebuilding at the ground level, starting with the question of what MARN can contribute to the overarching Milwaukee art community with its own space. 

An interdisciplinary artist who has worked in a variety of capacities within the Milwaukee art community, Niemack’s goal is to push the boundaries of the ‘traditional white box gallery’ and nonprofit space. She acknowledges that this is an opportunity to build a gallery and cultural space that takes the initiative on accessibility, inclusion, justice, diversity, equity, and innovation. She envisions a space that will be welcoming to those of all backgrounds and artistic mediums through collaborating with like-minded organizations and individuals to bring forth an exchange between the arts and the greater population. A cadence of visual art exhibitions with room between each show will set the pace for MARN to host programming integrated with performance, music, literature, and film, among others. 

Following her hire, Niemack curated Moving Forward, a two-person exhibition viewable safely from the sidewalk outside of its large public-facing windows, featuring installations by Marsha McDonald and Gabrielle Tesfaye. MARN’s inaugural members exhibition, 2020 2.0: A Year In Translation, opened January 29, 2021, and hosts over fifty member’s works in honor of their contribution and support during this time of growth and development of the organization.

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