MARN and Anchor Press, Paper & Print (AP3) were pleased to present “AP3 at MARN: Materiality and Transformation”, an exhibition which ran August 7 – September 7, 2021 at the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB.

Curated by Marilyn Propp, the exhibition celebrated the many forms of printmaking and mark-making. Thirteen Southeast Wisconsin artists who pushed their mediums through installation, materials, and videos showcasing works that addressed environmental issues, social commentary, and personal narratives. 

Featured artists included Anwar Floyd-Pruitt, Mary Hood, David Jones, Diane Levesque, Berel Lutsky, Gregory Martens, Jessica Meuninck-Ganger, Todd Mrozinski, Matthew Presutti, Marilyn Propp, Nirmal Raja, Julia Scheckel, and Rina Yoon. 

This exhibition was the first iteration of the MARN Partnership Exhibition, a platform for local initiatives that seeks to cultivate an exchange between MARN and community collaborators through the presentation of an exhibition and programming.

In celebration of the “AP3 at MARN: Materiality and Transformation” exhibition, MARN invited the public to the exhibition event Saturday, Sept 4 from 11AM – 6PM at the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB.

Anchor Press, Paper & Print (AP3) is a rebirth of Anchor Graphics, Chicago, a community non-profit with 25 years of experience and co-founded by David Jones and Marilyn Propp. Five years ago AP3 moved to Kenosha, WI and took the name “Center for Collaborative Research”, now renamed AP3. Press on Wheels (POW) is a portable print shop run by AP3 that travels into Southeast Wisconsin communities and beyond for papermaking / print workshops. 

David Jones and Marilyn Propp’s long-term goal is to obtain a location in Milwaukee, WI for the print shop, where AP3 will provide resources for printmakers and education for the larger community through these programs: free printmaking classes for high school students, classes for adults, community access, publishing, free lectures, exhibitions, artist residencies, and POW outreach. This partnership with MARN creates possibilities for both organizations for collaborations, and introduces AP3 to a new community.


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