2020 2.0: A Year In Translation

MARN’s Inaugural Members Exhibition 
January 29 – March 21, 2021
Virtual Opening: Jan 29, 2021*

*Please stay tuned for the public (limited and timed entry) opening of the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB! View or purchase the works on our MARKETPLACE.

2020 was a year full of tragedy, injustice, and emptiness; yet, in between the cabin fevers were bouts of reassessment and rebirth. The first part of the show’s title, “2020 2.0,” tips its hat to software patches and updates, constantly working to fix each obstacle and bug. The second half of the title, “A Year In Translation,” reflects the weight of loss and confusion that permeated throughout the calendar year. 2020 is both the “year that didn’t exist” and the “year that changed everything.”

Over 50 MARN Creative Members present 63 works on their own interpretation of 2020, including themes of personal ways of coping, daily rituals, social justice, COVID-19 & quarantine, privilege, family, and propaganda. 

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