Announcing, #MARNbulletinboard, an opportunity for MARN CREATIVE and CREATIVE BUSINESS Members to have their announcements highlighted on MARN social media platforms! Members can submit requests for their social media posts to be reshared on our feed and on our stories for Instagram and Facebook.

Requests are reviewed by MARN’s Communications Manager to ensure they align with MARN’s Vision, Mission, and Values before posting.

All requests must be already published on your social media account so that MARN can repost your content directly from your page(s). This process can take up to two weeks.

Requests for MARNbulletinboard must:

  • Be from a MARN CREATIVE or CREATIVE BUSINESS Member for their own content
  • Fill out the MARNbulletinboard Request Form
  • Have a pre-made social media post on Instagram, Facebook, or both (MARN does not create content for MARNbulletinboard, solely reshares)
  • Aligns with MARN’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Commitment to Equity
  • Be an announcement or other special posting (cannot be general/standard self-promotion of an individual artist’s work with the exceptions of announcements of awards, grants, or residencies. 
  • Other examples of accepted content include: open calls for work/curating/proposals, event/exhibition openings, paid artist opportunities, etc.)