Ann Baer
“I got so many new ideas that were deeper, richer, more textured, more diverse, more creative and more intelligent than I ever dreamed of. I can go on from here to create more intelligently.”

Dean Valadez
“The MARNsalon experience was a great way to build friendships, to strengthen professionalism (in) one’s practice, and to detach oneself from one’s work in order to view it as objectively as possible, the latter being possible only by way of external input from the visiting curators and fellow artists… as a direct result of the MARNsalon, I was asked by Michael Flanagin and Mary Overman to be a part of the Walker’s Point Center for the Arts’ Time Arts Continuum exhibition.”

Patty Heibel
“I had a one person show… preparation is the same for the smaller MARNsalon, just on a much bigger scale. Knowing what to do, i.e.; how to present your work, price it, promote it and attend the show is what we all need to know and practice before hitting the bigger venues.”

Ari Rosenthal
“My involvement in the MARNsalon show directly resulted in a solo show at another gallery a few months later.  I also sold one of my pieces which was a nice bonus. Collaborating with other artists is something that I very much enjoy and I connected with some good people at this show… It’s easy for me to recommend being a part of the MARNsalon to other artists.”

Shane Walsh
“My experience participating in the MARNsalon was incredibly positive and beneficial. For an artist working outside of the major art centers having access to nationally recognized curators, thinkers, and writers is an incredible resource. My visit proved to be spirited and engaging. It provided me with fresh insights into my work and critical dialogue regarding my intentions and interests.”


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