Growing up in the home of an underground comix artist, I was steeped in the realm of creatives from a young age. My father was a cartoonist and my mother made jewelry and I made everything from sculptures to paintings to chalk murals. Seemingly inevitable, I attended art school after high school but living on my own I suffered from symptoms of mental illness and left school after two years. From this point on is when I really began to feel like an artist. I lived in and worked within the Walkers Point Creative Collective and began to make and sell work with a newfound passion. I was the baby of the group, 19 and at least a decade younger than my other colleagues. As a member of the collective, I cultivated my love of painting amongst very talented professional muralists and painters for 2 years, but it was sadly cut short when the rent was raised and our group dispersed to find affordable studio spaces. Luckily I found an incredible space on Milwaukee’s north side to work out of. 20Ton Studios, a studio cooperative located in Lindsey Heights, graciously granted me membership and I continue to work there now.