cRegloria was born in 1989 in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. She is currently a BA in Studio Art candidate. This year, she will apply to residencies for summer and fall of 2022-2023. Currie currently lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisc. Currie’s work in painting, ceramic, photography is full of passion. She wants the viewer to look at the world from a different perspective. Currie likes to show work that unapologetically challenges and exposes communities’ issues and spirituality that others do not want to shed light on.

Mediums: Oils, watercolor, acrylic, ceramics

Favorite Artist Tools: Paintbrushes, pencil, painting knife

Go-to Local Inspiration: Klode Park, watching the water and listening to nature’s sounds in the summer – my mind is clear, and I can look within myself; and if not the park, then sitting in prayer

Mentor Compliment: Jessica is such a loving, strong, creative woman! I enjoy being around her because she is always positive and inspirational.

Fun Fact: I teach first graders! They captivate my heart and are the height of my day.

Serious Fact: I am seeing how our education system is failing our children.

Artist Statement

I like to go by the name cRegloria because It means to create glory. I enjoy using many colors within my work because it brings life to a blank canvas. My work is very expressive with the use of textures. I like to paint with acrylics, oils, watercolors, the shaping and molding of clay, or capturing a moment with a photo. I want my work to feel free, but I want it to be transparent and reflect our reality. My artwork takes a critical view of society, spirituality, and challenging issues in our homes that many families hide. I like for my work to become personal, and be a mirror image of every culture and every being. I wanted to show the brokenness between fathers’ and daughters’ relationships within this body of work. I like my work to make you think, and to give you hope and strength.