Katie Mullen is an interdisciplinary artist known for creating public art projects that bring awareness to issues impacting our city in a way that both opens people’s eyes and inspires them to take action. Those projects are often created in partnership with issue-expert community organizations and other artists, and are presented outdoors or in other public spaces. Katie started this work a decade ago when she founded a collective of women-identifying artists, called From Here To Her, who went on to create annual themed exhibitions exploring social norms impacting women and girls between 2011-2016. During that period, her medium was paint-on-canvas. But both canvas and traditional exhibitions began to feel limiting when it came to creating tangible social change. And so, in 2015, Katie took what felt like a crazy risk at the time. She sold her things and quit her day job to start an art studio focused on advocacy work — BlackPaint Studios. Because the message has become more important than the medium, her work has expanded to things like murals, film, animation and projection mapping. Currently, Katie is focusing on a new body of more introspective and personal work that combines her writing and visual art practices.