My father worked in a factory and my mother operated a day-care out of our home. Growing up, I didn’t know that being an artist was a thing. Sure, I’d heard of them, but they all seemed at least a million miles from our little factory town in northern Wisconsin. After high school, I became the first person in my family to attend college, but I made everyone uncomfortable when I declared I’d be going to art school. Art? What about getting a job? As a disappointment to so many who loved me, I began to study experimental film. I’ve never looked back. My education has served me well, and my camera has opened inumerable doors. Although I’ve been working professionally for over ten-years, I never considered my work “fine art” until a friend suggested I apply for my first gallery show. I had a wonderful experience and after selling my very first piece, I used the proceeds to attend a gilding workshop. I am excited to combine my years of photography experience with my new found love for gilding. I am currently dabbling with experimental post-processing methods and creating prints that are paired with reclaimed and restored ornate frames.