My name is Tracy Keller Nickolaus. Born in Washington DC, and raised in Maryland. In 1993 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, in Studio Art, from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia. My area of concentration was watercolor painting and portraits. In 1994 I was hired as a desktop publisher and lead technical graphic artist for Lockheed Martin. I later transitioned to publication management jobs. In 2002 I chose to stay home and raise my two sons. While my kids were small I ran an Etsy store that sold stylized acrylic animal paintings, and custom illustrated watercolor name paintings for children. In 2007 our family relocated to Milwaukee. In 2017, as my children got older, I started an anonymous art Instagram account, @indigodownload. This account is where I began posting portraits. I committed to a consistent art practice that was made daily by the pandemic. In the last 2 years I have posted consistently to my “story” as well as many finished pieces to my account. These 24-hour posts gave me confidence to showcase informal and differing styles of work. The art in my stories reflect influence from many online classes I have taken over the last 5 years.