Bryon Cherry is rock and soul musician and poet from Milwaukee, WI. In 2021 Cherry was named best R&B/Soul artist in Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Area Music Industry Awards. Cherry has released 5 albums of original music. Cherry’s music has been featured on 102.1 FM Milwaukee, 88.9 FM Milwaukee as well as 93.1 FM WXRT in Chicago.

Cherry has blazed trails all around the Midwest with his brand of passionate soul. In regards to poetry Cherry released a chapbook and a full-length collection both in 2019. Cherry was named an Emerging Poet by St. John’s on the Lake in conjunction with Woodland Pattern in 2021.

Mediums: Poetry, music

Favorite Artist Tool: Guitar

Go-to Local Inspiration: Lake Michigan

Mentee Compliment: Meg’s works exude a technical ability that makes her images pop with flair. Also, Meg is fun and uplifting to be around.

Fun Fact: I have a vast sunglasses collection.

Serious Fact: In 2021, I won a Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Award for R&B/Soul artist.

Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between the oft mundane nature of daily existence and vast mysteries of the cosmos.

With influences as diverse as Albert Camus, John Lennon, Frank O’Hara, and Buddhist kōans, new circuitry is soldered from both ancient wisdom and the frenetic pace of modern Western society. My work attempts to take awareness and witnessing life as it is so that radical vulnerability and divinity can be accessed.

Ever since I can remember, I have been on a quest to understand the universe in order to understand myself. In a way, my work asserts that the cycles of this plane of reality point to the fact that self-confrontation is a key component of being alive. The thesis might be summed up succinctly as the human condition is a struggle against one’s own psyche to harvest rewards that might be able to help others in their own struggle with themselves.