Kendall Polster

Kendall Polster started welding art as a hobby while working as a research biologist at the Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin. My brother had a shop and taught me how to weld. I entered medical school, eventually taking a leave of absence to pursue my art. My sculpting became an obsession, a compulsion. I never returned to medical school. Apparently my hobby got way out of hand….. From that moment on in 1994, I have made my living by welding art, without any other sources of income. It’s been 26 years now. I spend half the time welding pure sculpture and the other half welding artful furniture and restaurant interiors with my employees. I enjoy the challenges of both; being precise and exacting at times and at other times having no regard for measuring or planning. I feel it is a nice balance. If I get tired of one, I do the other. All of my sculptures utilize recycled scrap metal from the junkyard or waste from my furniture making. I don’t take anything too seriously; I just enjoy making my work. I do not overly talk about my art; I produce it, sell it, make my living at it, and let other people define it. I see no reason for me to overly intellectualize my art. I feel that inordinately thinking about the meanings within the field of art is way over rated. I have no desire to make some quasi-important statements about life, social issues or such. If at times my work suggests such, let it be to the individual to interpret that which meanings they want. I would rather have people form their own ideas about my pieces. To me, the purchaser of my work and their opinions are just as important as mine, the creator of the work. I prefer to have them attach and associate their own meanings to my work. I am a self-taught /outsider artist and that is fine with me. As for my artist statement: I WELD JUNK! It’s that simple.