Phyllis Bankier headshot

To Phyllis Bankier, Photography is about capturing the moment, the emotion, the action, the subject, the memory, the beauty and the purpose of life. Photography allows her to take all the things she enjoys about life, and save it forever. Her compositions are a celebration of color, light, shape and some emotional manipulation. As a nature photographer with a specialty in flowers, Phyllis Bankier looks for the intricacies of structure in nature, bringing out the details that are not always seen by the casual observer. She approaches her work with observation, patience, and an open mind.

Photographing is a beginning; from there she takes the raw image and does some expressive tweaking – creating what she saw and felt when she released the shutter. Maybe it’s bringing out more light, texture or color. She is showcasing the distinctive characteristics of each subject. Not only has she taught photography, her work has also been exhibited locally and nationally.