Ammar Nsoroma

Ras ‘Ammar Nsoroma, known as Ammar, is a muralist, portraitist and mixed media painter. His work centers around the spiritual, cultural and political consciousness of the African Diaspora with particular attention to the Orisha deities of the Yoruba people.

Ammar was born in Milwaukee where he has lived for most of his life. He graduated from the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, where he painted his first mural as a senior, and then attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) as well as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has exhibited extensively in both Chicago and Milwaukee and has created over 100 murals in Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Washington DC collectively. Ammar is a founding member of African-American Artists Beginning to Educate Americans about African-American Art (ABEA) and is an avid reader. The knowledge he gains through reading is reflected in his drawings, paintings, murals, and mixed media pieces. In 2020 Ammar was named one of two 2020 Mildred L. Harpole Artists of the Year, by the City of Milwaukee Arts Board.

Aside from being a talented muralist, Ammar is also an avid bicyclist and advocate for bicyclist rights. He currently works for the Wisconsin Bike Federation and leads the King Dream bike tours in the summer.