Saturday, October 15th 5:00-8:00 PM,  join MARN ART + CULTURE HUB for a test screening of “Out of Reach: The Struggle for the American Dream”.

This event is FREE and open to the public! RSVP Required, seats are limited! Visit the event listing to Learn More and RSVP. Grab a COFFEE + WINE by Interval, sit back and enjoy a night at the HUB (191 N. Broadway). 

Arrive early and tour our current exhibition, Reflecting My Muslim Americanism, a collaborative exhibition with Fanana Banana running August 31 to October 23, 2022 and shop works by local artists in the MARKETPLACE.

Film Synopsis |

COVID was a tipping point for the U.S. economy. Missed paychecks exposed how close to the edge so many American workers have been living. Our story gives voice to the struggle of four generations of Milwaukee workers, whose lives and experiences are representative of the broader tableau of post WWII America. Through them, we show how the American Dream- once just a raise or a promotion away- has inexorably slid out of reach for millions of the workforce.’


Full Overview | Out of Reach: The Struggle for the American Dream

This feature-length documentary filmed in Milwaukee, WI is a story about gradual, generational changes to the definition of the American Dream. Using Milwaukee as an example of what’s happened across the United States, we hear from a diverse group of workers whose stories take us through the decades, from Baby Boomers to today’s Generation Z. Their experiences, told in the context of shifting US politics and economic policy, demonstrate how and why American workers’ expectations have changed so dramatically over the last 40 years. Commentary by Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, political commentator Charlie Sykes and award-winning journalist John Schmid offers perspective on how the stories and expectations shared by this intergenerational group are mirrored throughout the American workforce. What will the future look like for America’s rapidly disappearing middle class?