If you read the latest MARNedition, you know we’ve been busy interviewing artists over the summer about their craft and connection to MARN.

In this playlist you’ll find interviews with artists talking about their art, their process, what inspires them and what Milwaukee connections keep them going. We hope you come away with a renewed appreciation for the dynamism of Milwaukee art and the artists that are the soul of our city.

Some of these interviews are about visual art, and contain references to visual pieces. For video podcasts that allow you to see what the artist is discussing, check out our YouTube page.

Born identity vs. chosen identity: Fanana Banana

Fanana Banana co-founders Amal Azzam and Nayfa Naji discuss the concept of belonging, how Muslim artists are and are not supported locally, and their own individual art journeys. They also talk about “Reflecting My Muslim Americanism”, a fall 2022 exhibition at the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB gallery.

What happens when performance art and visual art collide: Wanyah Leon

A simple set. An intimate setting. Superb performances. MARN Lounge Sessions aim to showcase what happens when Milwaukee’s performance artists practice their craft amid a backdrop of contemporary Milwaukee visual art. Wanyah Leon discusses how this is possible, and why it matters.

Once a mentor, always a friend: Andrew Megow and Nathaniel Stern

MARNmentorship is a hallmark program of MARN that has been connecting emerging artists with experienced artists for a year of structured dialogue, artistic critique, and mentorship. As Andrew Megow and Nathaniel Stern attest, the program not only produces professional connections, but friendship as well.

“What’s your community?”: MARKETPLACE artists talk with Izzi Recalde

The MARN MARKETPLACE sells handmade items from our member artists to visitors at the HUB, passing a majority of the sales revenue back to our artists. But who are some of these artists, and who do they make art for? We spoke to eight of them about how they define their communities, and compiled them here. Artists include: Katie Hunt, Josseline Castillo, Brandon Marchant, Mohammed Hasanin, Stacey Stewartson, Jenny Kyle Smith, Marco Romantini and RJ Jones.

“Reflecting My Muslim Americanism” artists talk about their works

We spoke with five of the artists featured in our “Reflecting My Muslim Americanism” exhibition about the works they chose to display. Artists include: Rabia Tayyabi, Nidal Jaber, Mariam Ali, Rida Fatima, Dunia Amer