Exhibition & Programming: June 11th – July 17th

The Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) is pleased to announce “postp(own)ed,” an exhibition running June 11 – July  17, 2021 of over 30 works and programming by Greater Milwaukee area artists whose works were not able to be completed and/or presented to the intended degree due to complications from COVID-19. 

Visitors are greeted by “Atomic Rainbow Generator”, an interactive LED project by artists and engineers at the Milwaukee Makerspace. Folx are welcomed to grab a beverage from the FOMA Coffee & Wine bar to enhance their multisensory experience while they navigate through the exhibition hall. An exhibition of 25 visual works by Amie Brownfiled and accompanying poems by Troy Schoultz stretch the length of the right side of the gallery. Frank Korb’s triptych “The Dilemmas and Uncertainties and Ambiguities of Life.”, “Clearly, There’s a Problem Here.”, and “How to Bring About It’s Cessation.” and large horizontal work “We So Often Insist On A Particular Outcome.” encompass the left corner. A collection of twelve works, titled “Sampler,” by Christine Westrich hang in a grid across from a small lounge area. 

The public is welcome to come experience the exhibition in person during FOMA Coffee & Wine operating hours (9AM – 2PM) as well as join for a Weekend Exhibition Reception Friday, June 25 (5-7PM) and Saturday, June 26 (9AM-5PM). 

Coinciding with the Saturday, June 25 Weekend Reception, MARN is hosting “Language/Visual: The Workshop” from 1-4PM in the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB Conference Center.

“Language/Visual: The Workshop” invites participants to embark on a call and response between visual and literary disciplines mirroring the two part collaboration between Araceli Zuniga and Mikey Cody Apollo in their previous exhibition “Language/Visual”. The workshop was organized by Melissa Mursch-Rodriguez and is the core programming for the “postp(own)ed” exhibition. Workshop participation tickets are $5 and must be reserved prior to attendance. All proceeds go to the workshop facilitators. 

For more information on the exhibition visit our Current Exhibitions page:https://marnarts.org/marn-art-gallery-and-exhibition-hall/current-exhibitions/ 

To get your ticket for the “Language/Visual: The Workshop” visit our Calendar listing here: https://marnarts.org/events/#!event/2021/6/26/language-visual-the-workshop