The current Milwaukee arts and culture scene continues to redefine itself and Milwaukee.

Historically, truth tellers (beyond journalists) have been the artist who have been compelled to bare his or her soul. Vivid stories of strife, pain, and inequities have always been found in the voices of artists who chose a pen, or a brush, as their weapon of choice. 

Yet again, as Milwaukee collectively rebuilds in the era of COVID, I’m proud to be part of a strong community who found themselves leading a renaissance. We have stories, written and otherwise, to share and our new MARN ART + CULTURE HUB is a perfect example of how the arts are leading the way as we reopen society.

Around here we say: “The HUB was built by artists, for artists, and those who appreciate their work.” It is also a place where art is the record for those telling the stories of continued strife, pain, and inequities—as well as their victories. This is art and culture, and it’s an amazing place to witness a community redefining itself.

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