Mal Montoya

President and CEO

With thirty plus years of experience as a community leader, Mal Montoya merges the intersection of art, social equity and economic development into all aspects of his role as President & Chief Executive Officer. In addition to overseeing the fulfillment...

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Nicole Shaver

HUB Director

As MARN’s HUB Director, Nicole Shaver manages key daily operations in support of all initiatives across the organization including the communications for membership correspondence and centralized information at the MARN ART + CULTURE HUB.  She is committed to the artistic...

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Adam White

Creative Content Manager

Adam is the Creative Content Manager here at MARN. He enjoys making clear and vibrant messaging that invites and informs the community to interact with all that is Happening at the HUB. You’ll find him regularly updating monitors and LEDS...

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Lois Bielefeld

Program Director

Lois Bielefeld is a queer series-based artist working in photography, audio, video, and installation.  Her work continually asks the question of what links routine and ritual to the formation of identity, personhood, and the development of meaning-making. Having lived on...

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Isabel Recalde


My name is Isabel Recalde and I am a first generation Latino artist from Ecuador. I aim to create a bridge between art and mental health through my work. I’m a student of Psychology, Philosophy, and Art and design currently...

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Alayna N. Pernell

Program Manager

Alayna N. Pernell is a visual artist, writer, and educator from Heflin, Alabama. In her work, she examines the harsh realities and complexities experienced by Black American women and simultaneously creates space for productive dialogue by enacting an ethic of...

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Olivia Keidl

Food Manager

Olivia is an artist and cook who studied German and sculpture at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Her work challenges the gendered dichotomy of fine art vs craft. Growing up, Olivia’s interest in art was encouraged by her grandmother...

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Gallery Preparator

As MARN’s Preparator, Seth Ter Haar organizes and assists with exhibition rotations in the ever-changing and unique MARN ART + CULTURE HUB. He is passionate about community organizing and has spent the last five years independently curating and managing exhibitions...

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