Cristina of DocMyArt is onboarding as MARN’s new Creative Content Manager. They’re excited to share their love for documenting with a team that is as passionate about highlighting and celebrating the creativity in our community as they are! Cristina will be taking a lot of photos and videos of the new happenings here at MARN, as well as assisting President and CEO, Mal Montoya with the development of MARN’s Innovation Studio. This new element will explore the intersections of technology and art both as an end product or a means to an end.  

Cristina is a nostalgic soul for the growth that the present is moving through. They’re proactive in documenting snapshots of the everyday—both routine and unfamiliar. The present is too complex to process right now; it deserves the grace of deep reflection. They see each of their current works as one part to an unknown whole. 

Cristina studied film for one semester at UW-Milwaukee, changed majors, and graduated with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology. They started spontaneously filming themself before videos could be uploaded to social media. Today, Cristina regularly shoots on an iphone or FlipCamcorder for their simplicity.—They prefer that energy to be spent in post: writing, editing, reading, listening, and observing. Cristina also enjoys the quirkiness of making an image of themself with an HP scanner, or the unpredictability of alternative photographic processes like cyanotypes. 

They participated in the 2015 MARNmentors program. Its concluding exhibition was hosted by Var Gallery and Studios, where they  would go on to work 5 years. Cristina led a Multimedia Teen Internship in partnership with Walker’s Point Center for the Arts and Artworks for Milwaukee, and has collaborated on photo and video projects with individual creatives, as well as local establishments including: 5 Points Art Gallery and Studios, Aperi Animam, Bit Shape Software, Facilitating Situations, Lynden Sculpture Garden, Milwaukee Opera Theater, MINGADIGM, The Next Museum, Wave Studios, and Woodland Pattern.

They’ve spent the last nine months (virtually) in Culture Hustlers, an inspiring community of creative entrepreneurs—They are thrilled to merge my learnings from this with DocMyArt and MARN’s future endeavors.