My name is Isabel Recalde and I am a first generation Latino artist from Ecuador. I aim to create a bridge between art and mental health through my work. I’m a student of Psychology, Philosophy, and Art and design currently at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. My work is heavily inspired by surrealism, spirituality and my Hispanic culture. The themes most consistent in my work are reflective of natural phenomenons, such as death, rebirth and growth. I use animal symbology and bright colors to bring light to dark concepts. My favorite medium in which to work is digital graphic design because it grants me the ability to change or manipulate a piece as many times as I would like, at any point in the process. Since I was a child I have been deeply empathetic and intuitive. My art has given me a channel through which I connect with others in an emotionally safe space. It is my belief that we are all humans, having a unique human experience, and we can relate to one another through the art that moves us.