Her life was always revolving around Art. She began as an artist, studying Fine Art  in a Bealrussian College of Art, and then moved on to studying Graphic Design at Belarussin Academy. She graduated with AA in Graphic Design in Belarus, before moving to the US, to continue her education in Communication Design at MIAD. Currently she is a senior there, expecting to graduate in May 2023. She likes simplicity in her design and in her life. She is a Graphic designer who creates Brand Identity and promotional materials for small companies. As a student in Belarus, she loved Print — holding a finished product in her hands. To her, digital work seemed insignificant in comparison to that. But now she loves to explore and research new design techniques and trends, because Digital design is a living, breathing and ever-changing environment. Therefore, she likes to take on different tasks and try herself in different projects, from Branding to Social Media design, where she expands her knowledge and improves her soft skills.