Michele Amour

Michele St. Amour is a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of painting, drawing, photography and jewelry design. Based in Wisconsin, her work has been influenced by her interactions while living in Costa Rica and England but also through her travels in the US and Europe. Her most recent acrylic work is an exploration of color and architecture. Using photography taken throughout her travels, these painted works allow the viewer an alternate vision of a space and an invitation to see the world through a lens that has been described thus, “I am drawn to your color choices, which are not my norm. They are impactful in a way I can’t articulate”.

With a background in Graphic Design, her photography is framed in a graphic way. Primarily shooting in color, her approach is to show the simple beauty in the design of her subject.
As for jewelry design, Michele builds her necklaces with an almost architectural feel to them. They are tested over and over until they hang, lay or rest perfectly in a way similar to that of a mobile. One could refer to them as personal sculptures.

Professionally, Michele has worked in various creative fields, including gallery and photo studio managing, art direction and graphic design. Since early 2017 she has been the Operations Director and is now the Director of Programming for the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN).