Sam Woods shares five things to do in Milwaukee this February.

Despite the cold weather people in Milwaukee are enjoying a plethora of events and activities this month.

Every month, we’re joined by Lake Effect Contributor, Sam Woods from the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service to check out some of the many events happening in the city.

He shares five things to do this February:

  1. Black History Month
  2. HOOPS by Nicole Acosta
    • Milwaukee artist Nicole Acosta has created a—now internationally recognized—project that celebrates why people around the world wear hoop earrings and what they signify to them. The project began as a single occurrence that became more received and continued to resonate and grow.
    • So much so that the project has now also sparked a play premiering next month with a dramatic read taking place on Feb. 8
  3. Sixteenth Street Health Center Gallery Night
    • The health center known for affordable medical and health services in Milwaukee is hosting a gallery night with featured art from local artists, community groups and youth and will be for sale.
    • Woods says, “If you’re interested in supporting Sixteenth Street Health Centers and their mission to provide affordable and accessible healthcare and also want to get a taste of local and youth made art in Milwaukee, [then] his would be a good place to do do both of those things.”
  4. Candidate Forum for MPS School Board
    • The MPS School board will have an election in April. This forum will provide an opportunity for voters to familiarize themselves with the candidates prior to the Spring election. This will take place on Feb. 15 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
    • “School Board has control over a budget of over a billion dollars, and that’s, you know, that’s your tax dollars, and that’s something that you have a right to ask the candidates what they’re going to do with it,” says Woods.
  5. Phobruary
    • This year is the tenth annual occurrence of Phobrury, an appreciation period for a type of soup from Vietnam called Pho. Thai Bar-B-QueVientiane Noodle Shop and AsianRican are offering deals on the soup throughout the month.
    • “Whether you are a longtime fan of Pho or whether you are new to it or not, this is a chance to eat a bowl of Pho on discount,” says Woods.

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