Everything can come full circle on Sunday at MARN ART + CULTURE HUB. A morning of yoga and HOOPS from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. MKE Yoga Social will guide you through an hour long thematic flow where we create circular shapes and flows in honor of HOOPS. 

The class will be cued as an all-levels flow with options for beginners and seasoned yogis alike, with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available afterwards. 

Music from Nicole’s original HOOPS playlist will bring this experience full circle.

Hosted on March 19th, April 23rd, & May 21st at MARN ART + CULTURE HUB (191 N Broadway, Milwaukee, WI) 

Register + Purchase your ticket here: As a MARNmember, use PROMO CODE ‘MARN’ for $5 off your ticket. https://app.fitdegree.com/t/dashboard/registrables/1958663

RSVP price includes: Yoga + 1 beverage (choice of champagne, mimosa, or juice). 

Details: Wear HOOPS if possible. Please bring a yoga mat + water bottle. Must be 21+ with valid ID to consume alcohol. 

About MKE Yoga Social

MKE Yoga Social is a local yoga business bridging the gap between the community, yoga, and amazing Milwaukee venues.  Breweries, distilleries, parks, and more; we’ve partnered with over 100 local businesses!

We have a true passion for community and bringing people together. Social time is included to encourage community connection. Mingle with like-minded people while having fun and building your local community.

In addition to our flagship business MKE Yoga Social™, we also have created several affiliate brands, MKE Goat Yoga™, MKE Hot Yoga Collective, and MKE Yoga + Wellness.

Jessica Bio:

Jessica Hope’s love of yoga started after a double cervical fusion in 2012. After trying just about everything, I was lucky to find pain relief through hot yoga. A few years into my practice I was in a life altering car accident that forced me to pause and reflect; ultimately leading to my decision to walk away from a corporate job to pursue yoga teacher training.

After receiving my certification, I began teaching at a hot studio. I quickly realized I needed to figure out a way to get my friends to come to yoga. In 2016 I began teaching in local venues including a series of  “Mind, Body + Mimosas” events at a local music hall… ultimately growing into the city’s first formalized yoga event business and the rest is history!

MKE Yoga Social is my passion. It allows us to share yoga with individuals who may be intimidated by a formal studio setting.

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